Can a GIS inventory be integrated with i-Tree

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Can a GIS inventory be integrated with i-Tree

Post by i-Tree Support » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:51 am

The i-Tree Tools do not have integration features for working directly with a GIS or mapping system. The i-Tree Tools are urban forest assessment tools designed to provide ecosystem service information of a given resource. Therefore, they do not have the same features of other traditional tools that are designed for direct mapping and daily management of trees. As such, there will be some limitations to using i-Tree tools in conjunction with a GIS.

i-Tree Eco
i-Tree Eco is designed for assessing trees in all areas and has flexible data requirements and a mimumum of tree species and DBH in Eco v6.1.27. Eco v6 has an option for complete or sample plot data collection and GPS function and other coordinate capture options are now available using the mobile data collection system. See the following link to the Eco v6.0 Guide - Capturing Coordinate Data ... or-GPS.pdf

i-Tree importing options
External tree inventory data can be imported into the Eco v6 application for analysis and for generating tree benefits which can be mapped externally by importing out results and importing that data into a GIS. This is one of the more newer ways users are integrating i-Tree Eco with a GIS and their own tree inventories. See the Eco guide for importing data into Eco ... porter.pdf

i-Tree Streets
Streets is a legacy program which means we are no longer updating it, but it is available in the current i-Tree v6.1.27 installation. Streets is designed for street tree assessments and has GPS functionality using a smartphone or device's GPS capability. Because Streets is not being updated, we don’t generally recommend it because it will become obsolete at some point in the future due to Microsoft operating system updates, and Streets users will need to migrate to Eco.

The University of Florida has a 2009 comparison of more traditional inventory and asset management tools which also includes i-Tree at the following link . The 2009 comparison may not have information on more newer systems.

System requirements for i-Tree and information regarding some data collection devices that are compatible can be found on the following Systems Requirements page
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