Which i-Tree tools can be used internationally?

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Which i-Tree tools can be used internationally?

Post by i-Tree Support » Thu Mar 01, 2007 7:01 am

Here is a quick summary by application updated in July 2016 to reflect i-Tree version 6 tool use outside the United States.

i-Tree Canopy is a great online tool for international users and has been used successfully by users outside the States interested in estimating canopy cover. Canopy does not require software installation and can be accessed and used from the i-Tree website. A user can now define their project area within the application using a Google Map interface or by uploading a compatible ESRI shapefile of an area of interest. Ecosystem service estimates for pollution and carbon are limited to being based on U.S. information.

i-Tree Eco can be used internationally but has limitations depending on your country. Eco v6 has been adapted for Australia, Canada and the UK and project processing is fully automated the same as for users in the U.S.

For other international users, Eco requires three categories of data: field, meteorological (weather, precipitation, etc.), and air (pollution concentration and boundary layer height). Field data is collected locally. You would need to supply your own hourly pollution concentration and boundary layer height data, following precise formats specified in the Eco User’s Manual. Meteorological data is typically available for most major cities worldwide to the Forest Service but hourly precipitation data may not be available. In addition, the Eco model has reporting limits and requires additional processing time when applied outside the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

See the Eco v6 guide for international projects for more details https://www.itreetools.org/resources/ma ... ojects.pdf

Again, Australian, Canadian and users in the UK have adapted versions of the Eco v6 application and do not need to supply pollution data and receive the same automated processing as users do in the States. More details can be found on the Eco International page http://www.itreetools.org/eco/international.php .

i-Tree Streets is not recommended for use outside the United States. Benefit calculations for this program are based on regionally specific tree growth measurements, hourly climate and air pollution concentration data, and building construction information for U.S. climate zones. Because these factors can vary a great deal from region-to-region, let alone continent-to-continent, users only obtain reliable results when using data from the climate zone where the tree resource is located. Ultimately, international users will have to decide if the assumptions and limitations of applying Streets abroad will meet their objectives.

i-Tree Landscape is not applicable for use outside the United States because of U.S. specific cover maps and census data used in the application.

i-Tree Hydro is not recommended for use outside the U.S but can be adapted for international with significant challenges for an international user to replicate all the data requirements needed to run the model. Specifically, there are current limitations in the Hydro application which will require modification of international weather and stream flow data to run within the application properly. The current Hydro interface only has U.S. locations available. For more details, please see the Forum FAQ: i-Tree Hydro Data Requirements & International Limitations.

i-Tree Species is functional with limitations as the tool works with a plant database more specific to the U.S. International users will need average minimum temperature range and the number of days their growing season typically lasts.

i-Tree Storm, the Storm Damage Assessment Protocol can be adapted for use outside the U.S. as there are no regional data involved, the user can switch from English to metric units, and local personnel can enter field data and print reports without problem.

i-Tree Vue is not applicable outside the U.S as it requires NLCD imagery files only available in the U.S.

i-Tree Design is an accessible online tool that does not require software installation but is limited to users within the United States and Canada.

There is an online article in City Trees which discusses some pros and cons of using i-Tree applications abroad http://www.itreetools.org/news/articles ... ne2010.pdf
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