What should I do when receiving a Crystal Reports download error during installation?

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What should I do when receiving a Crystal Reports download error during installation?

Post by azelaya » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:34 pm

Some i-Tree Suite v6.1.28 version users running Windows 10 Enterprise operating systems have encountered the following error during the installation process:

An error occurred while downloading the file http://support.itreetools.org/i-TreeSet ... 3_0-20.msi. What would you like to do?

This error occurs during the download of Crystal Reports during the early stages of the i-Tree install process. The legacy application i-Tree Streets requires the CR download but it is not currently possible to bypass the download by selecting "Custom" installation if Streets is not needed. Note that installing i-Tree requires both the 32bit and 64bit Crystal Reports installation regardless if a machine is a 64bit computer.

As an interim work-around, users are advised to add the Crystal Reports 32 and 64 bit installations manually on the computer from the following link prior to installing the i-Tree Suite. The standalone CR installation versions below are specific to i-Tree. You should uninstall Crystal Reports using Control Panel if you installed CR from the SAP website as that version may not be compatible with i-Tree Streets.

You can then try downloading and installing both CR versions directly from the following links:
http://support.itreetools.org/i-Tree%20 ... 3_0_20.msi
http://support.itreetools.org/i-Tree%20 ... 3_0_20.msi

These are direct links to the site on our server where the i-Tree compatible version of the 64 & 32 bit Crystal Reports installations reside. After installing, these, please try to run the i-Tree installation.

We hope a future update will address how the Crystal Reports installation is handled to allow users to bypass CR if Streets is not needed.
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