Graduate Project - Ottawa Ontario, Canada

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Graduate Project - Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Post by mpalmer » Mon May 14, 2012 9:35 am


I plan to investigate the use of iTree Eco in the city of Ottawa Ontario, Canada as part of my graduate thesis project.

I have two primary objectives for research. First, to investigate the use of remotely sensed data to assist in the development of the i-Tree models. The aim is to examine whether remotely sensed data can serve as a proxy for a portion of the field data required to build the i-Tree sample database. Remotely sensed data is collected in many cities as part of an ongoing mapping program as financially feasible and repeatable method for the assessment of a city’s vegetation resources . If the Geomatics data can be shown to be an effective substitute for portions of iTree plot data requirements, a potential barrier to entry to the valuation of ecosystem services may be removed.

Secondly, research will focus on the application of spatial models of the urban forest and ecosystem services as part of a scenario based decision-making process. The approach will link models of ecosystem services, such as the value of air pollution removal or micro-climate moderation, as determined by the iTree valuations to spatial models of the urban forest.

I am working with City of Ottawa forestry staff this summer to develop the eco-plots with analysis in the fall. I think that base maps of species and forest structure data can be used linked to the ES valuations and would be representative of the ES for given location. Scenarios, such as a land use change based on development of forestlands, within the study area can then be developed to examine their effect on the ecosystem service as well as potential larger scale implications to surrounding areas and management goals.


Michael Palmer
Royal Roads University, Masters of Environment and Managment
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Ottawa, Ontario project description

Post by azelaya » Mon May 14, 2012 3:59 pm


Thanks for sharing the details of your graduate project. There was a project conducted by a team at University of Florida which looked at using digital images for Eco data variables which may be of interest to you also. ... ration.pdf

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