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Post by hdelaconcha » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:02 pm

Monterrey is the second or third most importante city in Mexico, and therefore I uploaded 5 monitoring stations for the city that are in 5 different municipalities. THe question is should I work each municipality separately to take advantage of all the information or how could I do all the metropolitan urban area and include the five stations for more accuarcy?

Horacio de la Concha
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Re: Monterry

Post by i-Tree Support » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:54 am

At this time i-Tree Eco projects can only use one pollution/weather station at a time. The most accurate option would probably be to break your project into multiple pieces that would each be associated with a different station. However, that may not be practical for reporting or if you are stratifying by some other variables. Alternatively, you could run your full project once with each weather station then average those results. That approach assumes each station represents approximately the same area which may not be true in your situation either.
Unfortunately, these limitations may not be easily overcome for large citywide projects where multiple stations may be present.
Thanks for your question.
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