Operation doubts

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Operation doubts

Post by hdelaconcha » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:50 am

Hello Jason, I hope the Aussie trip went fine, over here things have move up I have finished the data gathering for Playa del Carmen and already am processing the info that is why I have some questions since I will be presenting the info in a Tropical Arboriculture congress in May 24. By the way I finally was able to upload 8 cities data with around 33 stations I have been in contact with Alexis and they seem OK. The one I really need uploaded is MERIDA so I can finish processing with actual contamination data.

Any way the questions I have are:
1) Is there a report where I can see some of the intermidate results like for example the final "real" area measured or should I need to calculated from the % measured*plot area in a excel from the raw data.?

2) Satoshi answered my question regarding how some C data are calculated, what other variables are completely tree dependent in other words without the pollution data which of the benefits and cost reports can I still use.

3) I just saw the spanish forum, how is it going to work

Finally I have not heard from Scott, should I contact him directly?
Horacio de la Concha
Cuernavaca MEXICO
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