Carbon sequestration inquiry

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Carbon sequestration inquiry

Post by hdelaconcha » Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:09 am

Jason I am pretty much finished with the data in Merida and Playa just some plots away and I hope to begin data audtinig soon, any suggestions? Is there a methodology somewhere suggested so I can do stats on it and determine reliability of the crews? Second is carbon sequestration data and fixed carbon amounts influenced by the pollution CO2 content¿? Or is it only based on the tree charachteristics of leaves biomass, etc. I am asking this because the pollution data on Merida will be loaded in April and ready till may but I want to start analyzing and translating the Urban forest structure and was wondering on this.

I think you are still on AUstralia, I hope everything is going fine, Over here let me tell you that I am giving another workshop, I will send you pics later. Have not heard from scott yet and how is the spanish blog coming, attendees from the Chapingo course are woriking hard getting data for their area so I hope to upload at least 4 cities soon.

Talk to you soon..

Horacio de la Concha
Cuernavaca MEXICO
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