Plots Lost

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Plots Lost

Post by hdelaconcha » Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:44 pm

One question regarding plots that for some reason we cannot measure, altough mostly is because owners will not let us in. First, I did add a 10% amount of plots over the desired amount, in the Merida project I wanted 600 so added 65. However how do I deal with the Lost or the ones I cannot measure, should I register them as 0% measurable, or erase them from the data base or simple do not answer. However I have seen that if I do not say anything the model will automatically exclude them right? which is the right way to handle this. Also when there is a plot with 50% measurable area when we report the ground cover % this is only over the measured area right? In other words if 50% of the measurable area is cement we do not write 25% (refering to the total) but 50% right? I just want to be sure.
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Re: Plots Lost

Post by Jason.Henning » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:50 am

As you mentioned you can simply not enter any information for those plots and they will be ignored for processing. This is the typical way to handle such plots. It may be useful to keep those plots within your project but ignore them in the results in case someone in the future wants to perform a re-measurement of your plots or a reanalysis of your project. Additionally, there can be some statistical implications if a disproportionate amount of your unmeasured plots happen to fall on a single land use or property type. It may be useful to keep track of those unmeasured plots. As long as you do not mark those plots at "complete" they will not be processed regardless of what data is entered.

You are correct that your ground cover assessments and other plot level measurements only correspond to portion of the plot being measured. In your example you would indeed record 50% cement.
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